Halo around the Moon

December 02, 2017
Canon 7D Mark II
Tokina 11-16mm
1/250 second
ISO 800
Near Wakeman, Ohio USA

Ring around the Moon. Rain is coming soon.

A 22° halo around the Moon is created by light rays from the Sun reflected back from the Moon. These light rays pass through high Cirrus clouds which are created by frozen water droplets floating around 20 to 25 thousand feet above the Earth. These super cooled droplets are octagon shaped and produce the halo by refracting the reflected light. There is a good explanation of the math involved on
Wikipedia. Legend has it, the halo is an indication of rain a few days out. The night of this picture, I let Aerial out to do her business before bed time and noticed the halo. I have no idea if it rained in the next few days or not.


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