Mercury Transit.
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November 08, 2006 17:01:48
Canon 30D
Meade 8" LX200GPS
1/400 second
1260mm (6.3 Focal reducer)
ISO 100
Rolling Prairie, Indiana USA

Eleven or twelve times each century the orbits of Earth and Mercury align in such a way that Mercury is visible from Earth, crossing the face of the Sun. Similar to the Moon crossing in front of the Sun during a solar eclipse. November 8, 2006 was one of those occasions. Given that all of Ohio was under cloud cover, my Father and I traveled ~240 miles West to the Knute Rockne Service Plaza on the Indiana Turnpike in Rolling Prairie, Indiana (about 40 miles West of South Bend) to finally find clear skies and view the event. We took this image mid way thorough the transit. On the image, there are Sun spots at the 9 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions near the edge of the Sun. Mercury (small Black dot) is located mid-way between the center and the 7 o’clock position. Given its small size and distance from Earth, Mercury appears 1/194th the size of the Sun.

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