Mercury Transit.
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November 11, 2019 12:54:55
Canon 7D Mark II
Meade 203mm LX200GPS
1/1250 second
1260mm (.63 Focal reducer)
ISO 200
Near Kimboltin Ohio, USA

November 11, 2019 was another occasion when the orbits of Earth and Mercury align in such a way that Mercury is visible from Earth crossing the face of the Sun. As it was in 2016, my location was under cloudy conditions, however this time there was no chance of a break in the clouds. The morning of the transit, I started off in the rain and headed Southeast. Around two and a half hours or 92 or so miles later, the sky cleared to a light haze. I found an empty parking lot and secured permission to setup from the owner. There are no Sun spots this time as it is during the Solar minimum. Mercury (small Black dot) is located at the top right, one o'clock position. Given its small size and distance from Earth, Mercury appears 1/194th the size of the Sun. Unlike the Venus transit, an optical aid is needed to see Mercury.

The next Mercury transit visible from the continental US will be in 2049. Links to upcoming Mercury transits below.


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