Venus Transit.

June 08, 2004 06:50:14
Olympus C4040Z
Meade 8" LX200GPS
Scopetronix MaxView afocal eye piece.
Black polymer solar filter
1/125 second
1260mm (6.3 Focal reducer)
ISO 100
Lorain International Marina, Lorain, Ohio USA

On a cycle of 121 years, 8 years, 105 years, 8 years then starting over back to 121 years the orbits of Earth and Venus align in such a way that Venus is visible from Earth crossing (transiting) the face of the Sun. Similar to the Moon crossing in front of the Sun during a solar eclipse. Prior to June 8, 2004, the last occurrence was December 6, 1882. The next visible transit of Venus occurs June 6, 2012. The small black smudges to the Right of Venus are Sunspots that were also visible.

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